DLS Specialty Gates

Rollover Gates

The Rollover Gate is an all-around handy gate to have to easily sort cows to one side of the free stalls or in a pack pen. As an example, the cows can be put on one side of the free stalls, and with the Rollover…

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Spring Bar Gates

The Spring Bar Gate works like a railroad crossing. This gate is commonly used for sorting and blocking off free stall sections when moving cows, and it easily pins into a hole in the concrete wall or a gate latch. This gate is 12′ long,…

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Single Bar Swing Away Gates

The 12′ Single Bar Gate is a simple, easy to use gate primarily for free stall crossover areas. It can be pinned into a hole in the concrete wall or a gate latch. For spaces longer than 12′, extensions are available to make it up…

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Two Bar Self Centering Gates

The two bar self-centering gate is designed for trafficking cows into and out of the holding areas of robot barns, or down the return lanes of a parlour barn specifically when leading to a sort gate. We have also used it at the entrance of…

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Do Everything Gates

The Do Everything Gate (DEG) is a Jourdain 4 bar gate modified with a 2 bar stainless steel insert. The DEG gate covers alley openings and acts as an entrance bump gate to allow cows to enter a robot from the main group or fetch…

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Robot Panel Sets

The DLS Robot Panel Sets come as two 6 bar panels. These panels are designed for Lely robots, and they protect the robot and the cows in the robot. One of the 6 bar panels has 6 curved bars pointing towards the robot side. This…

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Robot Sort Gates

DLS offers a robot sort gate kit that includes a square bar and all the necessary hardware to connect a cylinder with a Jourdain 4 bar gate. The purpose of this is to provide a sorting option for cows. They can either go back to…

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One Way Finger Gates

The One Way Finger Gates are easy for cows to walk through, and they are most commonly used for sorting scenarios in milking robot barns. They are generally used to enter or exit the robot, robot holding area, and also in between the feed alley…

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