Jordain Stabling

Feed Fronts


DLS highly recommends headlocks to be used for feed fronts, especially for milking cows, but DLS also offers other options for producers looking for different alternatives. The Feed Rail can be used for both heifers and cows. It’s a simple 2 3/8″ pipe with a 3/16″ wall that can be mounted to the Jourdain octopost or a structural post with the Jourdain feed rail bracket. The angled feed front is another option that is most commonly used for heifers and calves. This uses a 2 3/8″ pipe with a 1/8″ wall. Angled feed front clamps then connect the angled feed front pipe with the slanted bars. Both the Feed Rail and Angled Feed Front are durable and hot dip galvanized.

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