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Polystall Premium Watering Solutions

The polystall stainless steel wall mounted drinkers come in a single or double access waterer to best suit the application. These drinkers feature a yellow double walled polyethylene door that helps keep them clean, a synthetic valve with a 32 LPM flow rate, adjustable water…

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Stainless Steel Tip and Drain Troughs

The stainless steel tip or drain troughs are available in a 60 or 90 size trough and are mounted to the wall. This unit is available in both tipping and dry hands draining styles to best suit the producers preference. It features a heavy duty…

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Polyethylene (PE) & PE/Stainless Steel Troughs

La Buvette offers several polyethylene water trough options. First is the Multi 220, at about 7.5 this trough has a double walled layer of high-density polyethylene. It has a flow rate of 36 LPM with a capacity to hold 145 litres. This is the best-selling…

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Pen & Tie Stall Watering Solutions

La Buvette offers several smaller sized drinker options geared towards pen and tie stall set-ups with options including polyethylene, cast iron and stainless steel drinkers with and without floats.

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Energy Free Watering Solutions

Looking to save on hydro while still preventing waterers from freezing The La Buvette energy free drinkers are well insulated and kept frost free for up to -30C. To keep them running efficiently it is recommended to use the 20 head per ball rule. There…

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La Buvette Footbath

The polyethylene footbath is designed to help prevent and cure hoof problems. Its about 5.25 long and 2.75 wide. The separation in the middle of the footbath prevents the cows from taking bigger steps and forces them to put their foot down in the first…

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