La Buvette Water Troughs

Large Polyethylene Drinkers

La Buvette offers several polyethylene water trough options: Multi Access – The Multi Access is about 7.5′ long and has a double-walled layer of high-density polyethylene. It has a flow rate of 36 LPM with a capacity to hold 145 L. This is the best-selling…

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Small Drinkers

La Buvette offers several smaller sized drinker options that are ideal for pen set-ups and smaller-scaled areas. Normandy – the Normandy is a compact high-density polyethylene drinker ideal for small areas. It is typically mounted to a concrete wall. The Normandy has a flow rate of…

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Energy Free Watering Solutions

If you are looking to save on hydro while still preventing drinkers from freezing, the La Buvette energy-free drinkers may be just the right solution for you. They are well insulated and are kept frost-free for up to -30°C. To keep them running efficiently it…

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Stainless Steel Tip and Drain Troughs

The stainless steel tip or drain troughs are available in a 60″ or 90″ size trough and are mounted to the wall. These units are available in both tipping and dry hands draining styles to best suit the producer’s preference. There is also a 120″…

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