La Buvette Water Troughs

Large Polyethylene Drinkers


La Buvette offers several polyethylene water trough options:

Multi Access – The Multi Access is about 7.5′ long and has a double-walled layer of high-density polyethylene. It has a flow rate of 36 LPM with a capacity to hold 145 L. This is the best-selling LaBuvette trough in Canada.

Multi Twin – The Multi Twin can be installed as a single trough which is about 7′, or with the extension to make a double trough to be about 13.5′. For farms with larger herds, more troughs can be combined to create an even longer trough. The troughs are made up of high-density polyethylene, and they are connected by a bellow joint that is hermetically sealed, flexible and easy to install. The flow rate is 64 LPM and a water capacity of 200 L per trough extension.

Baikal 230 – The Baikal 230 has a stainless steel trough with a high-density polyethylene base. It is also about 7.5′ long and has a flow rate of 72 LPM with a water capacity of 112 L.

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