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The Jourdain free stall loop shapes are designed for cow comfort. The stall loops are sturdy and the angle of the loops work perfectly for keeping the cows lying straight. DLS has over 30 years of experience in setting up free stalls with the proper measurements for each application, whether that be on deep bed or mats. With the right stall and stall set-up, cow comfort, health, milk let-down, and production can all improve.

We offer three main loop styles to provide comfort for your cows and to suit your preference. The comfort loop, dog bone loop, and a standard loop. Loops can be post mounted or mounted with a twin rail system.

We also offer the Jourdain Cowflex free stall. This loop has proven to be an excellent stall for farmers who are looking for an additional level of cow comfort. This stall features a mix of steel and PEHD and is geared towards farmers who have existing problems with their cows lying straight, or who want to eliminate that potential. The benefit of this is especially noticeable on mats and waterbeds.

Another additional cow comfort option with Jourdain free stalls is either the waved neck rail or the standard straight neck rail with a strap placed ahead of the neck rail. These options help to prevent the cows from hitting their head, neck or shoulders on the neck rail. Thus, eliminating bruising and hair loss while still maintaining stability with the steel neck rail between the stalls.

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