La Buvette Water Troughs

Small Drinkers


La Buvette offers several smaller sized drinker options that are ideal for pen set-ups and smaller-scaled areas.

Normandy – the Normandy is a compact high-density polyethylene drinker ideal for small areas. It is typically mounted to a concrete wall. The Normandy has a flow rate of 8 LPM and a water capacity of 4.5L.

Cleanobac – the Cleanobac has a double wall layer of high-density polyethylene and is a simple trough ideal for pens and small areas. It has a flow rate of 36 LPM and a water capacity of 40L.

Polystall – the Polystall stainless steel wall mounted drinkers come in a single or double access drinker. The single access version can be mounted for the cows to have access from the front or the side. These drinkers feature a green double-walled high-density polyethylene door that helps keep them clean. They have a flow rate of 32 LPM and a water capacity of 10L.

Michigan Duo – The Michigan Duo has a stainless steel trough with a high-density polyethylene base. It is about 3.5′ long with the float in the middle giving it two access points, making it ideal for in-between pens. It has a flow rate of 72 LPM with a water capacity of 52L.

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