Jourdain Stabling


Jourdain has been manufacturing headlocks for over 50 years, and they have grown to become the number one stabling manufacturer in the world! Jourdain headlocks are known for being the quietest, most durable headlock on the market. They are built with red and green impact-resistant... More information

Gates & Panels

Jourdain has established itself as the number one stabling manufacturer in the world by making high-quality products that last. Jourdain gates come in two parts, male and female, which allows for flexibility with the install and adjustability for the farmer’s application. Each gate can be…

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Free Stalls

The Jourdain free stall loop shapes are designed for cow comfort. The stall loops are sturdy and the angle of the loops work perfectly for keeping the cows lying straight. DLS has over 30 years of experience in setting up free stalls with the proper…

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Feed Fronts

DLS highly recommends headlocks to be used for feed fronts for cow comfort and ease of work on the farmer. DLS does, however, offer other options for producers looking for different alternatives. The Feed Rail can be used for both heifers and cows. It’s a…

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