Vriesdale Farms Inc.

Vriesdale Farms Inc., Mountain, ON

"Everyone that enters my barn comments on how they can?t believe how quiet it is! Unlike other headlocks there is no loud clanking which I think has helped lead to a more stress free environment. Further I have been impressed as well with the quality of the product. The galvanized steel headlocks and gates are quite heavy and I demonstrate to all my visitors how the Jourdain product is built to last. The LaBuvette tip troughs are the greatest water troughs, they are easy to clean and real quick filling! " - Robert Velthuis

Sold & Installed by lawrences-dairy-supply-inc

Jourdain Headlocks, Free Stalls, Gates & Octoposts

DLS One Way Finger Gates

LaBuvette 90″ Stainless Steel Tip Troughs