British Columbia

Pacific Dairy Centre Ltd.,

"The Jourdain Headlockers are hands down the best on the market! With their quiet design this keeps my cows calm and collective as I strive to obtain optimal production. Being engineered to manage individual cow sorting so other cows come and go freely is a bonus." Steffenia Farms - John Elgersma

"We put in the Jourdain Headlockers in our breeding age heifers with the hope to have a positive lock for that animal. We have succeeded in doing so. We are no longer running after animals in heat and treating or dealing with neck collars we are never worried whether the animal will stay locked or not. Also the ability to adjust the size of the headlock for the animal size is a nice feature should we decide to change group placements around the farm." Hoek Holstiens - Greg, Vince and Jon

"We put in the Jourdain Headlockers on both sides of our drive through. The cows are comfortable and the barn is very quiet and calm. Being able to individually sort a cow is very nice. If I need to, I can adjust the opening to the size of the animal group." Lenco Farms - Len Barten

Sold & Installed by British Columbia

-Hoek Holsteins

-Lenco Farms