La Buvette Water Troughs

Polyethylene (PE) & PE/Stainless Steel Troughs


La Buvette offers several polyethylene water trough options. First is the Multi 220, at about 7.5 this trough has a double walled layer of high-density polyethylene. It has a flow rate of 36 LPM with a capacity to hold 145 litres. This is the best-selling LaBuvette trough in Canada.

Next the Baikal 230 is a stainless steel trough with a polyethylene base that is also about 7.5. This trough has a flow rate of 72 LPM with a water capacity of 112 litres. It also has a slanted bottom, non-spill edge, and a dry hands draining system. The Michigan Duo is a smaller version of this (around 3.5) with the float in the middle giving it two access points, and making it an excellent option for in-between pens.

Lastly, the Multi Twin S is a unique trough in that multiple sections can be combined to create the desired length. The water trough can be sold in single units without any connecting troughs (close to 7), or with the two sections connected this trough is around 13.5. For farms with larger herds more troughs can be combined to create an even longer trough. The flow rate on the Multi Twin S is 64 LPM with a water capacity of 200 litres per trough extension. The troughs are connected by a bellow joint thats hermetically sealed, flexible and easily installed.

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